Utah Mini-Sessions 2017

I can’t tell you how often I end up talking moms into having their photos taken during a session. Moms are always behind the camera, capturing those special moments of their little ones’ lives. Moms want to lose another 10 pounds before they are in front of that lens. They want to get their hair done and look their absolute best. My favorite photo I have of my mother is when she is lined up with my sisters and I while camping. We are all covered in mud. She’s in jeans and a a t-shirt looking a hot mess…and I LOVE it. PLEASE, don’t wait until you feel just the way you want. Your kids want to remember you how you are now, because the you now is who they love.

I’ll be in Utah on April 2nd doing family photos. As always, these trips are far too short but I wanted to take a day to help you to celebrate all of the uniqueness that makes your family special. I would be honored to help capture you with your quickly growing little ones!

Click HERE to contact me and reserve your spot!

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